Selasa, Disember 14, 2010

The Season of the Witch is Here

Be prepared..

This 6th January..

Its coming to you..

Season of the witch

Great movie rite??

When we story about witches, what first thing will come accross your mind?For me the scariest face of the witch! And if you ask me what scares you the most about the witches? The word 'Witch' itself scares me so much..Huhu..Come i story to you all..

W - their WIG!! Most of the witches is old lady and im pretty sure their hair is nothing but only wig! For all witches out there, please..please go to saloon and ask the hairstylist the suitable wig for you. Your wig scares me okay!

Scary face..but so sad..not matching wig.

I - the ITCHYNESS skin!! Why do I said that? U can see for yourself picture below. Nowadays we have lots of skincare products and dermatologist. Hey witches, dont spread your disease to everybody!

Skin problems having by witches.

T - TEETH!! I know that witches always busy with their black magic potion and doing bad things. But what I want to advise you, please spend for only five minutes a day. Brush your teeth and take food with less sugar.

Now you see..even u smiling also looks ugly because of your teeth!

C - CHEAP BROOMSTICK!! In this century, why you still use that cheap broomstick? It looks very outdated and that scares me so much! Go to any shops and trade in your broomstick. Take new vacuum cleaner. Trust me witches, you will looks more confident..

So old-fashioned broomstick.

H - HAIRY ARMPITS!! Hey witches, your armpit is so smelly okay and it scares me! How do I know their armpit is hairy? Well..Im just guessed. Haha.. Their teeth and hair reflects their armpits rite?Hehe..
So thats the most things scares me about the witches. If there is witches read my entry, please dont get angry. Just kidding and have fun! =p


Castalica Azryiana berkata...

sy suka witch! white witch...yg xpakai penyapu kayu n topi tggi..yg hensem n cute mcm harry potter!!!hehehe

zac zirwan berkata...

ceit..gatai bebenor kamu ni ye..

Castalica Azryiana berkata...

hihihi...sketla..kalu u jadi witch..msti im ur biggest fan!! hahaha (imagine sat...ngeri!!!!)

blog-tips-kurus berkata...

witch - x do yg laki ke?

Fitrihadi berkata...

erm belum tengok lagi.. macam menarik ja..

Tanpa Nama berkata...

lol.. funny entry :)

Hannah Muminah berkata...

o-o nice commentator ^ ^

techno melody berkata...

witch.. cool

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